Monthly Archives: January 2016

Let’s At Least Start 2016 Healthily

Back in London, preparing to buckle down to some tough work, I’m struggling to eat properly again. My local Barcelona grain store is not run by gourmet hipsters but by an old family. It has hundreds of types of grain, nuts, eggs, raw chocolate and pulses in sacks, and is so crowded that it operates a […]

8 Is A Hateful Number

No spoilers On the wall of my old office there used to be a Reservoir Dogs poster signed by Quentin Tarantino, thanking us for helping to make his first film a hit in the UK after it flopped in the US. I liked the film and loved Pulp Fiction more, but Kill Bill damaged my […]

Top Dog In 2015

Of all the movies I saw in 2015, one stayed with me more than any other. ‘White God’ is only the second Hungarian film I can recall seeing (the other was the brilliant ‘Kontroll’). It’s by Kornell Mundruczo and is an utterly unclassifiable one-off experience. Not only can I not explain how he got so many […]