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I’m busy writing 20 introductions to the e-versions of my past novels and short story collections that will be coming out later this year. One of the things I’m trying to do for these intros is to recall all of the films, plays, shorts and audio adaptations that have been made from the stories. I have a stack of DVDs featuring these shorts and will upload them to YouTube in time to coincide with publication. All that exists online at the moment is an outtakes reel from ‘On Edge’, for example.

The books will be released in half a dozen tranches that divides them into groups of novels, starting with ‘Roofworld’ and ‘Spanky’, followed by five early story collections, the ‘Devil Quartet’ of collected tales and stories that have barely been seen before, along with a collection of all-new stories that will go direct to an e-edition.

All will feature new covers and newly written intros, and in some cases will restore uncut versions of stories or excised tales to form a complete comprehensive back-catalogue of books that existed prior to the arrive of the e-reader.

It’s a massive project, which is why it has taken so long. One problem has been actually tracking down original versions. Rather like looking for old prints of films, we’ve had to find stories which existed before the invention of Word, and in a few cases, computers. This requires finding physical copies and their typed drafts, then comparing the two to make sure that the e-version is the fullest one.

Three books will be left out. My typescript for ‘City Jitters 2’ no longer exists, and most of the stories went into a later collection anyway, but the couple that didn’t are pretty much gone. ‘Uncut’ was a Best Of collection featuring a couple of new stories which I’ll try to incorporate them into the final tranche of unseen tales. And ‘Darkest Day’ was a supernatural novel featuring Bryant and May. To explain why that is being left out I’ll post ‘Whatever Happened To ‘Darkest Day’?’ tomorrow.

The books will appear from Penguin Random House, which means you’ll get special price deals on them and promotions via the ‘Dead Good’ website.


5 comments on “If You Have An e-Reader You May Like This”

  1. I loved Darkest Day. It was the first of your novels that I ever read. I treasure my paperback copy.

  2. Andy W. says:

    Yes so do I, but my copy is the first hardback edition with the youthful looking Mr. Fowler on the rear of the d/wrapper.
    Could you sign it Chris ?

  3. Phil Gray says:

    Oh wowsers,… Roofworld? A very welcome blast from my past… and the debut of Bryant and May – oh frabjous day 🙂

  4. Anchovee says:

    I too loved Darkest Day – even the zombie parts which I know you’re not keen on

  5. Helen Martin says:

    Yes, well, calloo callay for you electronic readers. A local school district has gone to electronic submission of assignments, marking, and posting results to parents as well as electronic recordings of students reading. And on the day that the power is down? Me, I’m taking a wooden shoe to throw into a mechanical loom.

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