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The Londonist points me toward a new map which places works of fiction in their correct city locations, and I’m a bit on the thrilled side to say I’ve made the cut (although I haven’t seen the finished thing yet). The Map of Fictional London takes you from The Wombles to Dracula, and provides a new way of looking at London through its books.

It is currently available from the Literary Gift Company, priced £5.99, here. They have lots of other lovely things, including a mug labelled ‘I Am Figuratively Dying For A Cuppa’, which cracked me up, and the more direct ‘Go Away, I’m Reading’.

4 comments on “Word On The Street”

  1. Vincent C says:

    On the subject of “Go away, I’m Reading”, I understand that on Friday evenings Sir Edward Grey, then Foreign Secretary, and his wife would escape from London to relax for the weekend at their cottage in the country, taking with them plenty of reading material. Casual visitors to the cottage were discouraged with the simple but apparently efficacious greeting “We are reading, what would you like to do?”

  2. Vivienne says:

    Maps! Books! Sounds like heaven, but I fear I’ll feel obliged to tramp all round these places

  3. Helen Martin says:

    I will figuratively tramp around these places, of course.

  4. chris hughes says:

    The Grey household sounds like a very civilised place to be. I love the Literary Gift Co’s website. If I had my way, every child in the country would be given a free ‘They’re there for their tea’ mug, if only to spare me the pain of what seems a random dive into one of the three versions that appears most of the time, even (sigh) in my own children’s emails….

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