Monthly Archives: December 2015

Falling Back In Love With London Part Three

November was the UK’s dullest month since 1962, which is why everyone looked so depressed on the tube every day. Yesterday morning dawned in such a blaze of heat and light – yes, heat; the confused trees in my street are blossoming – that I decided to do some hands-on research, and headed to The […]

Minding Our Language

Me, I’m the master of the split infinitive, can’t spell ‘receive’ and still sometimes get confused about when to put full stops inside brackets, but other than that, my editor doesn’t have to waste much biro ink on me. Or should that be Biro ink? However, while I’m as exercised as anyone by signs like […]

The Writers’ Block

There are certain buildings that attract people in the creative community. At the start of WWII in Brooklyn, New York, there was one such house that was filled with the flatmates from hell. What happened when WH Auden, Carson McCullers, Benjamin Britten, Paul & Jane Bowles and Gypsy Rose Lee all moved in together? The […]

When Did You Last See A Movie?

I asked a friend this the other day and he admitted that the last film he saw on the big screen was ‘Earthquake’ in Sensurround. Now you’ll have to admit that this is a fairly radical answer, and I wondered if that awful film put him off for life, but no, he said he simply […]

Too Naked For The Nazis

In the days of music hall it was possible to build an entire career out of just one act, and not even a very great one. Little Tich used to walk about on elongated boots, Max Miller told lame suggestive jokes and wore a bright suit, Bob Blackman used to sing ‘Mule Train’ while hitting […]

Authors Made Visible

When I started my ‘Invisible Ink’ column in the UK’s Independent On Sunday, it seemed that I might be able to direct a few readers who showed an interest toward authors they had missed. When the column began, it seemed an intriguing idea to find out what happened to some of the popular authors whose books […]