Monthly Archives: July 2015

At Home In The Old Pubs Of London

I love kids, but feel their parents shouldn’t think they can go anywhere. Which brings us to pubs. Research today points out that less than 1 in 10 pub visits are for the beer, and that most landlords now make their money by running family-friendly restaurants. Is the day of the ‘quick pint’ over? In […]

Very Peculiar British Performers Part 2

Films often struggled to find places for performers who had been hugely popular on stage doing variety in places like the Hippodromes and the Palaces. Frankie Howerd’s strange grimacing non-act of postures and false starts was utterly hilarious live (he seemed able to entirely dispense with a script) but was a tough one to fit […]

Very Peculiar British Performers Part 1

We still enjoy a lot of surreal or oddball stand-up acts in London. Looking back over the history of British entertainment, it seems we took a lot of really strange performers to our collective bosom. A great many of the novelty acts that made it through the Empire circuit of twice-nightlies quickly vanished when the […]