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2038_11387_w300You know how awful most souvenir T-shirts are? Well, the lovely folk at The Londonist are bidding to change all that. They’re currently selling very London Ts that are actually sweet and funny. Try these for size, from their stockist, More T Vicar, here;

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8 comments on “T & Biscuits”

  1. Jo W says:

    Wot? No Bryant & May factory T-shirts?

  2. Alan says:

    Isn’t ‘Inspector Sands’ the ‘coded’ announcement used by TFL and other organisations to alert colleagues that there is a fire (or worse) on site, without alarming/panicking travellers?

  3. Jo W says:

    Alan, the answer is yes

  4. agatha hamilton says:

    Have we been short changed on the biscuit front here? Incidentally, what happened to Lincoln biscuits?

  5. Vivienne says:

    Not sure about Lincoln creams – which used to be my sister’s favourite biscuit. I was recently slightly under the weather and just felt like a Rich Tea biscuit and a cuppa. But they were not the same – much too sweet and thicker, so they didn’t snap in two satisfactorily.

  6. snowy says:

    Biscuit Newsflash:

    McVities have discontinued Lincolns, die-hard fans can still get them from stores that carry ‘Irish Traditional Products’, [what ever they are? And I’m not going to do any cheap gags.]

    [Budgens for example, but good luck finding one of those!]

  7. agatha hamilton says:

    Thanks, Snowy. I don’t know what ‘traditional Irish products’ are, either. Think I shall have to move on, biscuitwise, and think myself lucky Waitrose Belgian Dark Chocolate Thins are still available. Shall eat many to discourage WR from discontinuing them.

  8. Helen Martin says:

    I’m still in the “it’s shameful to have store bought cookies” stage, although there’s a “Simple Pleasures” line of biscuits with slightly unusual flavours: chocolate and banana, peaches and cream, all with supposed health benefits. Don’t know if they’re available in Britain, but I seem to remember it’s a Peak Freens brand.

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