Well, Here’s A Surprise!

Bryant and May


So you thought I’d got rid of them…

This Thursday sees the publication of ‘Bryant & May: The Burning Man’, my twelfth novel in this series – but it won’t be the last. This coming Christmas there’s actually going to be a brand-new SECOND Bryant & May book in a single year, and it caught as much by surprise as it probably has you, as my publisher scheduled it without telling me. As he does. More about that in the next post. Meanwhile a thoughtful fan has sent me this, which is rather wonderful and a good fit.

NB: There’s an open invitation to celebrate the launch of ‘The Burning Man’ at Forbidden Planet, and afterwards at a club.


8 comments on “Well, Here’s A Surprise!”

  1. Patricia Penon says:

    Wonderful news 🙂

  2. Jo W says:


  3. Emma Farley says:

    I just finished my preview copy – first time I’ve read one of these titles – and loved it. Glad the next instalment is coming so soon. Now I just gotta read all of the oldies!

  4. Peter says:

    This is great news, Chris! I am looking forward to ‘The Burning Man’ and the next instalment. Have a great launch this Thursday!

  5. J. Folgard says:

    Grinding work day, but this is excellent news, really. Cheers admin!

  6. wayne says:

    Would the 13th outing be the collection of short stories? Surly now you have number 13 in the pipeline you can’t stop there after all 13 isn’t a round number is it?

    Best of luck with the Burning Man had mine on pre order so should be with me soon…

  7. Stephen Groves says:

    Hi Chris,
    Great news !
    All Best

  8. Alan Morgan says:

    Cool! Such good news all round.

    Now what size is the t-shirt, we can all make it a strange thing to do 😀

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