Monthly Archives: December 2014

One Film To End Them All

Well, it’s over. Farewell, Hobbitses, and thanks for all the fun. Last night I saw Borimir, Chlamydia, Moulinex, Fafnir, Ariel, Moomin, Thorax Oakenfold and Legoland go into battle for the last time, bringing together an end to a thirteen-year film cycle all the more remarkable for its consistency of tone. This time for ‘The Hobbit: […]

Where Did All The Funny Stuff Go?

Remember when this site was really good? I mean with jokes and funny things Admin saw and stuff? Before it got all serious about writing and London and politics and that? Well, it’s still around, it’s just on my Facebook page, here. So if you find this sign in my local pub funny, you’ll probably […]

Tiny Fools & Billionaires

Compared to other nations, the British reading public has a very odd attitude towards comics, cartoons and graphic novels. The bande dessinée art of France and Belgium is regarded as obscure and downright peculiar, Italy’s fumetti are seen as excuses for sexist male fantasies and Japan’s manga comics, read by adults on every Tokyo subway, […]

‘Coming Over Here, Revitalising Our Culture…’

The Swiss just held a referendum on whether to curb immigration to just 0.2% of the population, bringing it down from 80,000 to 16,000 people a year. Let’s face it, they’ve never been team players, have they? But this time they voted against the curb – a good thing in my book. Perhaps they thought, […]

The One Part Of London That Never Changes

Research is often the most enjoyable part of writing a new book, and I realised I needed to walk along the reaches of the Thames – not all of them as there are something like eighteen in the tideway. As it was sunny and mild, I headed across Tower Bridge and down to Dead Man’s Hole, […]