Pogo Bounces Back



This column likes to keep up with what Aussie mixmaster Pogo is doing – he’s the guy who takes old Disney films and other footage, shreds them and reforms them into sampled tracks. Lately he’s been off training music and film students in Manila, leaving behind a few too many imitators. I rather went off the whole thing, fickle creature that I am, moving on to newer music obsessions (Don’t get me started on Roque Banos or Mabu) And oddly, they’re more interesting when you watch the cut footage to see how he creates the ‘lyrics’.

But I return to Pogo once in a while, especially now that I’ve been commissioned to write the third in my series of fairytales, and just reading Charles Perrault and Hans Christian Andersen isn’t always enough.

It’s interesting that Pogo works with a handful of old kids’ movies over and over, creating tracks in ever-evolving forms. Sometimes when he has branched outside of these films the result is weak, but I assume it’s all  to do with rights clearance (there’s a nice one created with footage from Billy Wilder’s ‘The Apartment’, though). So here’s the track that he’s created with Jeesh – a good team, it seems – and has brought back over a million listeners.

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  1. Matt says:

    I like this one too, I have to say though I agree with you some do not work as well. Some of the Harry Potter ones are some what less comfortable to listen to. Having said that I love the creative flow….. I am somewhat envious of people having so much creativity. Having the skill to edit clips together like this is something else!😍

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