Tricks & Treats @ Forbidden Planet



Just a reminder that this Saturday (Oct 11th) at 3pm in Forbidden Planet I’ll be signing copies of ‘Nyctophobia’, and on Sat Oct 25th there’ll be a mass/mess signing of horror and genre literature at the same venue with the following authors confirmed. It’ll be a nightmare but we’ll probably all go to the pub afterwards so you’ll be able to badger us there…

Pat Cadigan
Ramsey Campbell
Michael Chislett
Adrian Cole
Peter Crowther
Les Edwards
Jo Fletcher
Christopher Fowler
Amanda Foubister
Stephen Gallagher
Stephen Jones
Paul Kane
Alison Littlewood
Paul McAuley
Gary McMahon
Lou Morgan
Mark Morris
Kim Newman
Thana Niveau 
Reggie Oliver
Sarah Pinborough
John Llewellyn Probert
Joe Roberts
Lynda E. Rucker
Mark Samuels
Robert Shearman
Laurence Staig
Lavie Tidhar
Simon Kurt Unsworth
Stephen Volk
Conrad Williams

8 comments on “Tricks & Treats @ Forbidden Planet”

  1. Gerry Lowe says:

    Hello Christopher,

    I’ve been meaning to send you a greeting for a long while now.

    I remember going into your dark bedroom & seeing your gruesome Airfix kits of ‘Dracula’ ‘Frankenstein’ ‘The Pit & The Pendulum’ etc…My concerned mother dragged me out quickly – I was about 5 ! I read ‘Spanky’ about ten years ago. Have just ordered ‘Paperboy’. Look forward to reading it.

    All the Best !

    Gerry Lowe

  2. admin says:

    My God, weren’t you our neighbours? Forgive me, I’ve erased everything before the Silver Jubilee – remind me? You can DM me on Twitter @Peculiar

  3. Gerry Lowe says:

    We were. Although I was too young to really know you. Remember Steven was kind & used to talk to me “across the line” between upper & lower primary school at playtime. My brother Tim did have his ears pinned back & no longer looks like a taxi with open doors ! & Fireworks ! My Mother always said how could your father spend so much on fireworks when she had to give you clothes ! Think I’m with yoor Dad ! All the Best !

  4. Gerry Lowe says:


  5. Gerry Lowe says:

    “your”… Just worked out what “DM” means on Twitter. I don’t do Twitter at the moment; although I do have an account – think you have to follow me to “DM”…

  6. Gerry Lowe says:

    GerryKLowe on Twitter

  7. Gerry Lowe says:

    Christopher, I had a few beers last night ! You can delete these comments if you like. I don’t seem to be able to.
    ‘Paperboy’ arrived today; I look forward to reading it. All the Best !

  8. Keith says:

    Forbidden Planet eh? Probably one of the last great (fantasy) bookstores, although I haven’t visited London in donkey’s years. Crumbs, the last time I was there I was in Fantasy Centre on Holloway Road all afternoon. Good times.
    You’re in excellent company Chris, would love to pop in and say hello to you guys, but sadly won’t be able. Enjoy your day!

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