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A World Of Pure Imagination

Fantasy films have, by and large, dominated the cinema box office now for close to fifty years, if you include everything from ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ to ‘The Hunger Games’. In fact it could be argued that they’ve always made up a sizeable proportion of all Hollywood motion pictures. In the rest of the world it’s a […]

Hell Train Now Stops In Germany

The Germans, do you know them at all? Lovely literate people, smart and terribly self-deprecating. Berliners, awesomely friendly folks. I just went to Oktoberfest (in September and in Tokyo, I admit) but all those oompah-tunes and gallons of great beer and sausages (a bugger to eat with chopsticks) – what’s not to love? And they […]

Re:View – ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

I misread the title of this film before I saw it and thought it was ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’. I figured I was in for two hours of watching a superhero explaining about transgender rights in local government. Instead I found myself watching a talking raccoon with a ray-gun. For every successful comic Marvel produced, […]

Chosen Your Plot Yet?

The launch of the Dead Good and Specsavers #ChooseThePlotcampaign has taken place, and up and down the country people are deciding who I should kill. Following on from Michael Joseph’s success in 2013 with #YouDunnit, a crowd-sourced Twitter novella, this year Specsavers (who do an excellent job of sponsoring crime writers) approached me to tell a story […]

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Teenage Girl

A couple of days back, Alfie Deyes had a book signing. 8,000 happy readers turned up. The event was so big that it had to be held at London’s biggest conference centre. Alfie just had his 21st birthday. He is not a singer. His book is pointless (it’s called ‘A Pointless Book’). He has a […]

How To Avoid Becoming Opinionated

                              There was a time when I used to go to dinners and listen to elderly writers holding court. Now, there’s a time for respecting lifetimes of experience and wisdom, but these events weren’t like that. They mostly consisted of listening […]

Product Of The Week: Build Your Own Cat

Lasers. Remember them? ‘No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die!’ They were bright orange pencil beams and hummed as they melted their way through steel plate, heading towards your pants. But it turns out they had another use, for fine-cutting incredibly delicate shapes. This kit from D-Torso is fiddly for people with big fingers […]

Start Reading Nyctophobia Now!

                            By the pricking of my thumbs, something evil this way comes… If you cast your orbs to the right of the site’s homepage you’ll find a link to an extract of my foreboding-filled haunted house thriller, ‘Nyctophobia’, out from the lovely […]

What Does A Publishing PR Do?

Publishing PRs can be a bit of a punchline; there are plenty of jokes about posh girls called Daisy or Emma looking to fill the time between finishing school and marriage to a trustafarian, but in reality a good PR is worth her weight in diamonds (they’re usually women, although I know a few male […]

The Bill & Ben Bridge: Good Idea Or Load Of Squabalob?

I met production designer Anton Furst on the set of Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’. He explained to me his vision for Gotham City. It would have been built upon so many times that the oldest, most classical parts would be in darkness, while the private penthouses would reach the sun at the top. The more he […]