The Beer And Chocolate Diet



The medieval town of Bruges has approved plans to install an underground beer pipeline under its streets.

The project has been approved by Bruges City Council and will see a 3km underground pipe connecting the five-century-old De Halve Maan brewery to a nearby bottling factory carrying 6,000 litres of beer every hour.

Said to be driven by environmental rather than economic considerations, the pipeline will take some 500 trucks off the city’s cobbled streets each year. Fantastic.

So that’s where I am this weekend, and then in Brussels, one of the most staggeringly boring cities in Europe, although it does have great chocolate and some stunning art nouveau houses, and the Palais De Justice, possible the scariest and most Kafkaesque looking legal building outside of the Eastern bloc.

I won’t be wearing Colin Farrell’s legendary quote on my T-shirt from ‘In Bruges’ – to whit; ‘Bruges…what a shithole.’ Stag party attendees have been wearing it to Bruges for ages, causing the mayor to complain. The joke of course being that Bruges is very picturesque in a foofy European way (I saw two pastry chefs ride past on a tandem, it’s that kind of place).

The purpose of my visit? A party, ’cause that’s what we do now, we don’t hold parties in our houses, we hold them in other countries so that we don’t have to clean up afterwards. But I’m going by train so it’s technically not travelling.

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  1. Roger says:

    “Brussels, one of the most staggeringly boring cities in Europe, although it does have great chocolate”
    …and wonderful beer.
    It also has the Antoine Wiertz Museum which commemorates one of the worst artists in history. Not sure whether the paintings look better with beer inside you or worse.

  2. Kevin Etheridge says:

    Hi Chris, sorry, but 6000 litres of beer is not enough to get me to go back to Bruges……it’s a shithole, sorry, but it has been every time I have been there….and my wife insists we keep going back (it’s a chocolate and cuckoo clock thing for her). Rude flemish people…extremely rude in places……obviously related to New Yorkers. Despite her insistance, after our last (3rd) visit to Bruges, I wore a T-Shirt I got in New York a few years ago (you’ll see a link here), that said ‘Do I Look Like A Fucking People Person”, and someone asked me If I wanted a drink in Bruges as he thought “its a really cool shirt, where can I get one?”.

    As Stan Lee woould say…Nuff Said!

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