The Woad To London



The old name for King’s Cross, where I live, is Battle Bridge, and this weekend it will be subjected to Roman invasion all over again to celebrate the legend of Boadicea (I’m sticking to the old spelling – it changes every decade). She supposedly fought her last battle with the Romans there. Typically, she was defeated (we like losers) and then turned herself into a hare.

According to Time Out, ‘Granary Square and its surrounding area will be transformed into a Roman settlement, and anybody bold enough to face representatives of one of history’s most fearsome races will be rewarded with a whole battalion of immersive performances and activities. You can go to gladiator school, make your own mosaic, chat to ancient businessmen in the forum and join Boadicea’s rebel army as she storms the settlement in a horse-drawn chariot. They’ll be Roman-inspired dishes and film screenings throughout the weekend. All activities are free.’

Frankly, it sounds ghastly. I’ll be away.


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  1. Brooke Lynne says:


  2. Helen Martin says:

    Alright, third time lucky. I keep hitting next instead of leave comment. I think it sounds like fun and the food should be good. None of it is real, though. The people are acting and don’t mean what they say so you’re 100% safe and not risking anything at all. Still, why not?

  3. Vivienne says:

    I read that the Roman food will feature tomatoes, so that leaves me unsure about any historical accuracy.

  4. Alan Morgan says:

    Reenactors can take things very, very seriously. And there is something very odd about those that get up as Waffen SS and have their children there as Hitler Youth.

    But you have to respect the English Civil War people. From what I can make out it’s an hour or so of pushing one another or letting off things that go bang – following by all manner of drinking. And there’s probably something to be said for being positively encouraged to drink in a floppy hat.

    To be fair these people know an awful lot about their hobby horse, living history can be a wonderful thing. All that segmented armour and bare shins looks like hard work though. And I’m not sure about garum…

  5. snowy says:


  6. Helen Martin says:

    The food will feature tomatoes??! Do the planners not have any sense of history? And trust Snowy, who needs a latin lesson, too. Had to visit the scene again, one of my favourites.

  7. snowy says:

    Feci quod potui, faciant meliora potentes.


  8. Helen Martin says:

    Always modest, Snowy.

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