Want To Hear Something Dark?

Christopher Fowler
Tunnel Then come on 'Down' to Podcastle.org, the US audio website where you'll hear one of my creepier stories for free, rated R, hosted by Dave Thompson. It's always interesting to hear what other people do with my stories, so here's Paul Jenkins reading a tale of a journey down into the London Underground...

Honor Oak reservoir is underneath a golf course in Peckham, Thornhill
reminds himself as he walks. That's the biggest subterranean vault he's ever visited,
an inverted cathedral that's the largest reservoir in Europe, with four great
chambers that hold 256 million litres of water, a great heart made of orange brick
that ceaselessly pumps life into the metropolis. He would have liked to work on the
new Brixton extension at Honor Oak but there wasn't a position, so he's back here in
the tube tunnels beneath King's Cross, moving through the dead dusty air, looking
for circuit faults. He comes down every night at midnight and goes up at 4:00am;
that doesn't sound hard but there are meetings before and sometimes after, and
while you're down you're on the move the whole time.

Looking back, he can see the unmistakable silhouette of Sandwich hopping
nimbly across the rails. Sandwich's real name is Lando — he was named after a
character in a Star Wars film, and hates it — his mates call him Sandwich because
no-one has ever seen him eat, even though he's the size of a bear.

Thornhill has been down for three years now, and likes the job. The perks are
good, his fellow workers are a nice bunch and he gets regular health check-ups
chucked in for free. They're all outsiders, of course, men and women who work
down here because they've joined a veritable foreign legion of employees who go
below to forget.

But he doesn't forget. He goes down in order to remember...

The link is here.