Monthly Archives: February 2014

Vietnam 1: Hanoi

The curse of travel lies in selection; what do you fit in, what to leave out? I always want to shout at tourists in London; ‘Leave that, it’s not the real London, this is!’ And so, as I did in Delhi, I fall victim to bleary-eyed first impressions and mistake-making. Time is limited; my partner’s […]

Quotes From My Non-Bryant & May Books No. 7: ‘Disturbia’

When I wrote this I was fresh from delivering ‘Spanky’ and felt drained. I wanted to write a ‘sorbet’ book, something light and digestible, but ended up creating this complex race-against-time through the London night between the working class Vince and thuggish posh Sebastian. The book contains twelve puzzles to be solved in twelve hours, […]

Is Cinema In Decline?

  Everyone thinks cinema is getting worse as they get older, partly because the core cinema-going audience slows down at around 23, when people start having babies and don’t go out as much. It’s a really simple equation which you can subdivide into other reasons, as we did in my old film company, but lately […]