Are Jeremy Clarkson and Nigel Farrage the Same Person?

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You never see them together, do you, even though they believe in the same stupid things. I’m just saying.

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4 comments on “Are Jeremy Clarkson and Nigel Farrage the Same Person?”

  1. Vivienne says:

    Two mentions of JC in a day. Please, no more.

  2. snowy says:

    “Jezza” as I believe his fans would call him does it for money and devilment, [but mostly money]. Most of it is an act, trouble is he is not a very good actor.

    Nigel is an ex ‘City-boy’ who made his money in interesting ways, [which I’m sure were entirely legal at the time]. Odd chap not sure what his motivation is, he is rather too dim for it to be naked power.

    If in doubt it is best to remember; “Politics is Showbiz for ugly people”.

  3. Keith Page says:

    I won’t go into politics.However, I usually enjoy Top Gear and Clarkson’s recent presentation of the wonderful Alfa Romeo Disco Volante was superb.The best-looking car since the Bristol 401 of 1948.l

  4. Helen Martin says:

    Thank you, Mr. Page. He did write a nice piece and the photos aren’t shabby either. Hand beaten aluminium and weapons grade carbon fibre?! Car building has certainly come a long way.

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