Quotes From My Non Bryant & May Books No.2:

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This is the from the very first appearance of Bryant & May, long before I thought of giving them a series. They turned up in my second novel, ‘Rune’, and were pretty much fully formed from the start, as you can see here.

‘You can’t possible be serious about retiring, Arthur. Can you honestly see yourself pottering about the garden building trellises for roses? Why, you’d be dead within the year.’

‘Don’t be offensive, John. I’m quite capable of enjoying retirement without turning into a vegetable. Millions of ordinary people do it.’

‘Ordinary people? Pah!’ May pulled his coat a little tighter against the chill mist drifting across the water. ‘Ordinary people queue in post offices with their pension books. They sit on park benches feeding the pigeons. They relive their memories of the Blitz. They don’t get up at half past six in the morning to watch a body being fished out of a canal.’

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  1. Dan Terrell says:

    Interesting to know this was their first appearance. You wouldn’t know that from just picking up the novel and reading it; as I did. Good tale, too.

  2. Me says:

    This was the second book I read when I moved to London, it made me feel as if London was home.

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