For Anyone Who Hasn’t Yet Read ‘Plastic’

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An email from my author pal Guy Adams, whose wife is currently reading ‘Plastic’.  This is what happens when writers get competitive.

‘I’m terribly cross with you. Debs is reading Plastic at the moment (before me I hasten to add). She’s become insufferable.
 “He’s very funny,” she said on the first day. Which was fine.
 Now. “He’s so clever. It’s so detailed. It’s so deep. And scary. And funny. I’ve never read anything like it before. He’s really clever.”
 “Yes, you said that once already.”
 “It’s brilliant though. You can really imagine going through what she’s going through.”
 “Good. Fine. Yes. Glad you’re enjoying it.”
 “He’s an absolutely brilliant writer.”
 “Yes, well… yes, he’s not bad.”
 “One of the best books I’ve ever read.”
 “Really? You’d go that far would you? Oh. Lovely. That’s nice. You’ve never said anything like that about my… never mind. Good. Glad it’s… yes.”
 “Vey unnerving.”
 “Ahuh. What time are we having dinner?”
 “Is it that time already?”
 “Well, yes… you’ve been reading it all day. I’ve been working. On a trifle. A silly thing. You may not enjoy it.”
 “I’m sure I will, you’re books are always good fun. A nice light read.”
 “This is really clever though.”
 “Brilliant.  And now I’m going to walk our stupid dog.”
 “Nothing obviously scary happens but it’s still… I’m not going to say it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever read… but maybe…”
 “Do you know where the dog’s ball is?”
 “No. I’ll go and have a look at dinner then,” she takes the book with her, “he’s so good. You’ll really like it.”
 “Yes. I don’t know when I’ll get round to it.”
 “Read it after me, then we can talk about it properly.”
 “Yes. That will be fun.”
 “So good.”
 I’ve never cried on a dog before and it’s all your fault.’

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  1. Debra Wilkinson says:

    Hi Christopher . I am nearly finished with the delight that is Plastic. It really is wonderful. I tried to explain to Guy that the difference between one of his and yours is , his is like being dropped off at water world, its fun and exciting but you know you’ll get out alive. Yours is like being dropped into the Baltic sea in a very small boat during a storm.
    I may ever read ALL your other books now. If I’d known just how smashing you were when we met I would have kept some of the glitter from your wonderful trousers and rubbed it into Guys eyes when he is trying to write. Dx

  2. Dan Terrell says:

    “When writers get competitive”? Get? Holy C-r-a-p!
    You realize, of course, that you and Debra are now in a Red Zone. It’s sniper weather out there.
    For god’s sake don’t stand close to the platform edge in the underground, don’t go out without a crowd during a bomber’s moon, and don’t share a meal with your former friend. We want Bryant & May to continue, so you’re the Man.
    Now, assuming this not a hoax, such as Amazon forbids (sure); a hoax to help offset the co-pay on your glass-walled terrace’s refurbishment, then let’s see Mr. Adams safely into crisis management, for his sake. And Deb might consider chilling just a bit.
    So Plastic’s fantastic. I’ll order it, but only after I’ve rented a postal box next to a Starbucks to read it in, Plastic isn’t coming into this happy family.

  3. John says:

    In defense of Guy Adams: I enjoyed THE BREATH OF GOD which shows he has real love and understanding for Victorian occult detective stories of Hodgson and Blackwood. I think he’s pretty damn imaginative to boot. I keep trying to find THE WORLD HOUSE but I’ve not found a copy of it over here.

    Admin has glittery trousers? Now that’s scary!

  4. snowy says:

    It’s the dog I feel sorry for, being ignored, slowly filling up. And just when it thinks it will finally get a chance to uncross it’s paws, it gets snotted on.

  5. Helen Martin says:

    And will Admin soon be appearing along with his partner on Mr. Adams’ website? I’m sure he has a website. And his stuff is good, too. I’m sure that Guy and Debra had an excellent dinner and that the dog was definitely walked during its preparation.

  6. admin says:

    Guy Adams also wrote a sequel to THE WORLD HOUSE called RESTORATION, which I haven’t read yet but am looking forward to. He’s an underrated writer with a very sharp wit. His next novel is the genre-bending THE CLOWN SERVICE.

  7. Guy Adams says:

    Underrated? Only in his own house. The dog however, is a big fan. He chews my latest releases with real enthusiasm.

  8. glasgow1975 says:

    I do have Plastic (I seem to read library books more than my purchased shelved ones) and Guy Adams books on my to read list but the glittery trousers are what I want more details about!

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