Apres Moi With The Deluge


St Jude and the giant beach ball

Thanks a lot, Global Warming! (Are there still sceptics, excerpt in the GOP?) Having seen the disastrous effects myself in Iceland, I got to experience them the night before last in a slightly less powerful rerun of the hurricane that hit the UK in 1987. It tore out forty feet of my glass-walled terrace from its stonework and will cost thousands to repair.

Meanwhile, over in the East End a gigantic beach ball caused chaos as it unmoored itself from either an art project or more likely, an advert, and bound about in the roads.

The storm was named after St Jude, patron Saint of disastrous lost causes, who clearly took time off from being the writer’s nemesis.  Five died in the storm here, six were left dead in Germany. And as the seas heat up, creating the right conditions for storms, we’ll get many more. Sorry kids, my generation really f*cked the dog on this one.

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  1. Ken Murray says:

    Perhaps you assumption is correct about it being a global thing? We’ve had several big storms this year in NZ, more than normal. June was the biggest ( still in process of getting damage repaired) and way worse than the 1987 UK storm which I experienced. In the last month we’ve had at least 3 storms with winds of 140kmh plus.

    Strangely the weather has now settled and summer has begun so spent the weekend cleaning the garage. Whilst cleaning I came across a newspaper cutting I’d saved about Windy Wellington. It notes that the strongest gust recorded in the capital was 246kmh! Hope UK doesn’t get to experience anything like that.

  2. keith page says:

    That’s quite surprising; we noticed hardly anything at all, despite being not really all that far away.

  3. Janet Wilson says:

    Hi- been a bit out of it with overtime, a graveyard cough, and slight depression ( apologies to anyone who gets The Real Thing..) Anyway, sorry to hear of your glass disaster from down here in the ‘mild, mild West’- and don’t worry about the prize, wot are the baubles of the World etc.? Hope to be back on form soon, keep chatting to us! x

  4. chazza says:

    Janet – Whose blog is it anyway?

  5. Dan Terrell says:

    Holy moly, in lieu of other words to say. Very sorry to hear about your glassed terrace. If you were there when it happened it must have been frightening and loud. Did the glass go into the street?
    It sounds like you had a microburst pass by. Those can be quite damaging and scary. The big ball bouncing around sounds like a return of the Big ball from The Prisoner – how appropriate, I guess.

  6. Jo W says:

    Oh dear,Admin! So sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope you are insured. We got away without damage,although next streets lost a few trees. Him indoors woke next morning and wondered what all the fuss was about,but he managed to sleep through the 87 storm too.!! I think we owe a lot of apologies the coming generations.

  7. Helen Martin says:

    If the terrace glass fell it would have landed in the canal I imagine, perhaps on one of the narrow boats moored down there? 40 feet must have been most of the glass wall. The noise must have been terrible.

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