What Happens Next?

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I’m turning the question a reader should ask most when enjoying a novel on myself today.

Well, what happens next is the cover’s in for ‘Bryant & May and the Bleeding Heart’, and it’s a cracker. It’s being refined at the moment but I’ll post it asap, and I’ve confirmed that the launch date is indeed early next year. There are still copies of ‘The Casebook of Bryant & May’ available if you need a fix – God knows they’re available, as my hopelessly ditzy publisher produced a stunning-looking piece of work but failed to bother selling them into bookshops…

‘Plastic’ hit all good bookshops yesterday, and I’ll be popping around signing stock whenever I can.

There’s also a chance to win one of six free copies next week from the lovely people at Solaris if you can answer my fiendish question. If the book does well and you like the main character, you may see the return of June Cryer, my vigilante housewife…

Meanwhile, I’ve finished the first draft of ‘Nyctophobia’ and think it’s turned out pretty well. The deal; can I terrify you without gore/ cheap shocks? I think I can…

After that, I’m working on the final draft of my thriller ‘There’s Something I Haven’t Told You’, then another Bryant & May, plus two other rather surprising projects…I’ll also have something to announce *he says mysteriously* at the end of August, when its press embargo is lifted, so watch out.

There are also long-term plans afoot to reissue some of my earlier books, and I hope to produce a complete collection of short stories at some point.

Meanwhile you can find me on Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter (under ‘Peculiar’) whenever you want to chat…

6 comments on “What Happens Next?”

  1. Cid says:

    Blimey. Busy boy.

  2. Jeanette says:

    Exciting news re above. I have left a message for you on your FB page about a campaign to save our Lincolnshire libraries, we have a county petition, a government e petition, authors supporting the campaign. I first discovered you in my local library. On the display table Bryant and May “Off the rails”,. The cover artwork of that book stopped my in my tracks. Ipicked up the book, read the back cover and the rest of it is history. Many happy hours of reading Bryant and May. Must say you must be popular in Lincolnshire, your books are always out or reserved.

  3. Chris Lancaster says:

    That all sounds great… intrigued by the project on which the press embargo will be lifted during August. Are you the new Doctor Who?!?

  4. J. Folgard says:

    Couldn’t be happier to see that you never seem to slow down! I’m eagerly waiting for my copy of ‘Plastic’, and this ‘Nyctophobia’ thingie looks like great fun -Graham Humphreys cover, please please please..?

  5. Wayne says:

    Well when your as busy as you are those well earned holidays mean a who lot more don’t they. The only thing is your never really on holiday are you. You are always on the look out for something to craft into a new mystery or some other point of interest to reference into one of your works of art…. Er books I mean.

    You have to be one of the most accessable authours in the country, maybe the world and you do for your public what most never bother to do and stay connected and involved. Thank you for the books and the blog. I will have to get onto that Facebook thing and see what your page looks like too, something I have never done before.

    My copy of Plastic arrived a few days ago, as always Amazon provided prompt delivery and good value. The book looks good and I can’t wait to get stuck in, Nice to see a proper Bibliography in the front for once.

  6. Janet Wilson says:

    Yes, thank you for your blog- I look every day now! I think the scariest ‘true’ stories involve the inexpicable- they come back to you at 3a.m.- ‘why did that happen, if it really did happen? Why can no one offer a plausible explanation..?’ But the simplest thing could be terrifying- imagine a knock on a door when you know no one could, or should, be on the other side…

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