Monthly Archives: July 2013

Re:View – ‘The Act Of Killing’

After a year of watching the most infantilising rubbish I have ever seen produced by a major nation, and feeling on the verge of abandoning Hollywood cinema for good, along comes a film so unique and incendiary that I watched it with my mouth literally hanging open. Its a film that requires you to stand […]

Good And Bad London

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an architect in possession of a good fortune must be in want of an epitaph. Why else would Renzo Piano have raised the vast, ugly Shard? (A Mondrian of a building – attractive from a distance, disappointing close up). Londoners are very quick to decide whether the makeover […]

Who Still Calls It The Post Office Tower?

A terrific recent article on The Great Wen (check out the site if you haven’t before) reminds me of the iconic status of the Post Office/GPO/Telecoms Tower (if only they had given the damned thing a name to start with). In 1962, while still under construction, the BT Tower overtook St Paul’s CathedralĀ to become the […]

Is This Too Erudite For Modern Readers?

Let’s talk about word power. And I don’t mean that page in the Reader’s Digest encouraging you to improve it. One of the things I find so disappointing about books like the megahit ‘Gone Girl’ is the flatness of the language, and ‘Gone Girl’ is certainly one of the better-written popular novels of the year. […]