Tickets Available On Door For ‘Plastic’ Launch


513cy+RAy3L._ Thanks to the start of the summer holidays we still have tickets available for the launch of PLASTIC. This is my dark comedy-thriller about London, credit cards, murder, female empowerment and shopping at gunpoint.

Why did it take six years to get a novel published? I’ll be talking to Joanne Harris at Foyles and signing the paperbacks, priced just £7.99, on Thursday July 18th at 6:30pm. Tickets can be purchased right now!

Peter James:’I’ve loved everything of his I’ve ever read, and with PLASTIC he’s raised his game even higher.’
Jake Arnott: ‘A breathtaking thriller set in the dark shadows of the everyday. PLASTIC is a razor-sharp parable of modern life.’
The Independent:’The Dark reverse of a personal growth novel, a hoot of a crime thriller!’
Gary McMahon; ‘What a beautifully written, perfectly paced book.’

Here’s what the Foyle’s website has to say…


Thursday 18th July 2013 6:30pm – 7:30pm Charing Cross RoadLiterary Event

It takes just 24 hours for shopaholic suburban housewife June Cryer’s life to be turned upside down, when she finds herself homeless, friendless and moneyless, and trying to solve an impossible crime. In Plastic, Christopher Fowler, author of Hell Train and the ‘Bryant & May’ novels, gives us an explosive thriller about the nightmarish scenarios that lurk around the corners of everyday life.

Joining Christopher to discuss his dark, gripping new work is another master of storytelling – Joanne Harris, bestselling author of Chocolatand Peaches for Monsieur Le Curé.

Plastic is published by Solaris and the foreword is written by Joanne Harris.

Tickets: £5/£3, Please note, no physical tickets will be issued, the email confirmation you will receive is proof of your reservation.

Venue: Gallery at Foyles

9 comments on “Tickets Available On Door For ‘Plastic’ Launch”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    Now if this were Sept. 18 I might feel less frustrated. (Just order the fricking book!)

  2. Jo W says:

    Admin. Still having zone trouble with downloading visuals. No pix on ‘cloud atlas’ and definitely nothing on ‘movie expressions of joy’. Feeling a little cut off here south of the river! Helen! If the interview were Sept. 18 , I might get a late evening pass,as that is my birthday!

  3. snowy says:

    Jo are the videos completely missing? or is it just a blank frame?

    If you can see a frame, if you click the sideways triangle [looks a bit like a < in the top right corner]. A new bar should appear, on which is a button marked 'more', which when clicked will whisk you to the original video on YouTube.

  4. Helen Martin says:

    I will think of you, Jo, on Sept. 18 wherever we are at that point in time.

  5. Dan Terrell says:

    Helen: I’m not lovin’ “at that point in time”. Burrrr….

  6. Jo W says:

    Snowy, yes the videos are completely missing, just a black space where they should be.Like watching a picture of a black cat in a coal hole. Any ideas?

  7. snowy says:

    Is this on an Ipad?

    They have had problems in the past like this.

    [Note: I don’t have an Ipad to play with]

    Sanity check; If you view this blog on a desktop computer do they show up?

  8. Helen Martin says:

    Oh, goodie! I wondered who would react to that appalling phrase.

  9. Jo W says:

    Yes Snowy,I am using an I pad. So that is probably the explanation ! Thanks.

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