Another Photograph From Sleazy, Prostitute-Riddled King’s Cross


dscf80353They’re there somewhere, the junkies and the whores, all hiding in the reeds waiting to waylay innocent tourists looking for Lie-chester Square. Although all I can see from here is water, fish, birds, and Wimbledon – they’re projecting the matches on a big screen and have even astroturfed the nearest square, where they’re serving cocktails in the sun – and not a denizen of the night in sight!


7 comments on “Another Photograph From Sleazy, Prostitute-Riddled King’s Cross”

  1. Dan Terrell says:

    That pair of foreign tourists seem to have flown in from Canada. Perhaps, they’re looking among the reeds for someone dealing heron.
    I’m sure the Metro police would recommend they keep a sharp look out for those carnivorous plants, Sundew and his gang.
    Based on the majority of your past columns, Admin, I’d have never guessed this is where you live. It appears to be a bog.

  2. Jez Winship says:

    Looks like the Camley Street nature reserve – a beautiful little oasis between the canal and the railway heading into St Pancras.

  3. snowy says:

    Must remember to buy some more plum sauce tomorrow.

    I’m going to drop a little link here, on the presumption that writers like little bits of fact to weave into their tales.

    The first comment is also quite interesting.

  4. Helen Martin says:

    Perhaps, Dan, but most of us know it’s “Lester” Square. Especially since a long time ago we used to have a radio programme called From Leicester Square to Old Broadway.” Someone this morning complained about an American on an Alaskan cruise who said, “I didn’t know we had all these lovely islands.” That’s because they’re Canadian. His favourite,though, and he swears the journalist was serious, when they were passing through that calm bit between two strong currents, “Look, there’s the international boundary.” He must have been joking, though.

  5. Alan Morgan says:

    Yeah, still really sleazy. Hence the phrase f*ck a duck.

  6. Helen Martin says:

    Those, Alan, are Canada geese, not ducks. On the other hand, Canada geese can be as undesirable as any sleazy being.

  7. Alan Morgan says:

    Those are ducks dolled up for a goose-night at the sleezy Kit-Kat burlesque pond. They’re very convincing I admit, but there’s been more than one fouler that’s drank champagne only to find it tasted of cherry-cola.

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