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The Twenty-Second Test

As regular readers know, this blog is a little obsessed with stories of all kinds. Very broadly speaking, there are two types of tale – the ones with subject matter or hooks that you want to read no matter how badly they might be written, and ones on any subject by writers who could not […]

Trip Out Out In London On May 16th

What, in all honesty, does a fiver buy you? It doesn’t quite cover the cost of a pint of lager and a packet of nuts. But on May 16th you can turn this fiver into something cool. Back in 1992, TRIPWIRE started out with a mission to become the UK’s leading comics/ genre magazine. Its […]

How Much Is An Idea Worth?

Tucked away in a section of the New York Times yesterday was an article about a service causing a lot of controversy in Hollywood. In the same way that the number-crunchers of ‘Moneyball’ found a statistical way of making a baseball team win, a company called Worldwide Motion Picture Group offers data-driven script evaluation, breaking […]

The City’s Hidden Depths

As Bryant & May embark on their eleventh full-length mystery, I’m amazed it’s taken them so long to settle on Clerkenwell for a location. It seems the neighbourhood has flitted in and out of most of my novels, but has never taken centre-stage before. It should have done; the Clerkenwell House of Detention is one […]

Short & Not So Sweet

Keeping track of short stories is really tricky. Publication dates shift and books undergo title changes, and not all all of my stories get gathered into collections. The biggest problem now is that it’s hard to sell collections at all. In response to the previous piece’s comments, though, I’ll at least try for a current […]

What Are You So Afraid Of?

Well, I’ve just finished the next Bryant & May book. Breaking with the authors’ tradition, I don’t light up a fag and have a brandy, but usually go out to dinner. Tonight we’ll be hitting a restaurant at midnight (I know, Spanish hours, a killer) and celebrating, but not for long. Next week I start […]

This Just In…

‘Bryant & May and the Invisible Code’ has now been nominated for four national book awards, three new ones thanks to Crimefest here, and one from the CWA as mentioned before. ‘Invisible Ink’ has also been nominated. Maybe I should only write books with the word ‘invisible’ in the title…

Try Lingual: Why It’s Hard To Speak In Tongues

I’m in a restaurant in Barcelona. Using my newly learned handful of Spanish words, I order what I think is cod, and get eggs in some kind of pink sauce. I think I used the right words but my accent was appalling – not enough lift to the Rs, no lilt – I sounded like […]

No Fun Please – We’re British

Part of the next Bryant & May novel is set in a London park. I grew up right next to the large and beautiful Greenwich Park – although back then the naval college had no tall buildings behind it. Apparently London has more greenery than any other city in Europe, which surprises me as I […]

A Stab At An Award

I’ve been longlisted for the 2013 Dagger in the Library Award from the Crime Writer’s Association. This is the only Crime Writers Association award that’s voted for by library staff and users. There are thirteen nominations, and the shortlist will be announced at the CWA reception at Crimefest, in Bristol. The winner will be announced at […]