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Re:View – ‘The Audience’

There are those who think the Monarchy belongs in only in a country fearful of change, a Neverland of fox-hunts and cream teas, where a nostalgic idea of family values rules what is and is not acceptable. Well, that’s a reasonable description of hereditary peers, but HM The Queen is a different matter entirely. The […]

Saville Row Tells T-Shirt Shop To Fitch Off

The vulgarian T-shirt shop Abercrombie + Fitch has been denied a another new store on London’s traditional tailoring street Saville Row – this time for children with rich, stupid parents – after professional tailors decided it lowered the tone of a street dedicated to craftsmanship. The chain brand wanted to knock an iconic building to […]

The Film Freak Podcast Is Here

The excellent Tim Haigh interviewed me for his podcast recently about my experiences in the wonderful/horrible world of British film in the 1970s and 1980s – he’s a really thorough researcher, and always manages to ask the questions other interviewers miss out. It’s a great way for a writer to remember the other stories he […]

Re:View – ‘I’m So Excited’

As writers and directors grow up and move on, they leave behind their juvenilia and discover their real power – but not all of them, as Baz Luhrmann shows with ‘The Great Gatsby’, a blisteringly lurid farrago that wrecks a delicate, relatively low-key novel by turning it into a gigantic three-ring circus. Pedro Almodovar  left […]

Twitter: The Good, The Bad & The Blind

I love using Twitter – I follow people who post all sorts of interesting articles, and learn a lot. Like everyone else, I laughed when the Waitrose hashtag campaign backfired, resulting in some very witty tweets. But there’s long been a side of the system that bothers me. My problem was highlighted this week. I’ve been […]

Go Ahead, Make My Day

Own-Trumpet-Blowing Dept: A couple more nice reviews for ‘Film Freak’ in the national press… ‘Film Freak is a homage to pre-digital cinema, an elegy for the vanishing London of almost half a century ago, and a tribute to friendship, gonzo-style. Two thumbs up for this triple-billing.’ – Financial Times ***** This is the sort of […]

The Wonder of Wilton’s

Wilton’s Music Hall is a hidden London gem, a unique building and a bugger to find when you’re in a hurry and the show’s about to start. It comprises a mid-19th Century grand music hall attached to an 18th Century terrace of three houses and a pub, originally an alehouse dating from 1743 or earlier. It’s […]

Enter New Worlds

I very rarely write SF because I don’t think I’ve good enough to compete with the likes of the brilliant hard SF writers I admire, like Iain Banks and Paul McCauley, but once in a while I come up with a nice idea that I think will make a good story. This is the case […]

When Bigger Really Isn’t Better

Following our recent discussion about book formats, I took a quick trawl through my bookshelves to confirm my suspicions; that over the past few decades books have become ever longer and ever more bloated. I’m afraid to say this at the risk of upsetting fans, but it would seem the rot set in with Stephen […]

Do Publishers Use Too Many Formats?

Left to right: Mass market, trade paperback, hardback and ebook – why do we need all four? A new report in from the US indicates that e-books made up a fifth of overall book sales there last year, and the figure is climbing fast, mainly in the area of adult fiction but also in YA […]