Monthly Archives: February 2013

Nobody Warned Me About Cosplay

  Well, that was fun. The Excel Centre, where I headed to sign books, appeared to have a number of conventions on. The Baby Show sat inappropriately beside girls dressed as Poison Ivy or The Little Mermaid. I’d only vaguely been aware of Cosplay, the art of dressing as your favourite comic character – some […]

What Admin Did Next…

Tomorrow I’ll be signing copies of ‘The Casebook of Bryant & May’ graphic novel with artist Keith Page at the Super London Comic Convention, one of only two zillion authors and artists attending the vast event at the Excel. I thought this year would be a bumper year for me, with four books out (‘Invisible […]

Re:View – Double Bill – ‘The Queen Of Versailles’ and ‘NO’

Here are two visions of future dreams, one shrill and misguided, the other filled with dignity and emotional power… The Queen Of Versailles There’s a critical consensus that this modern morality docu-tale of a timeshare billionaire and his pneumatic third wife moves from schadenfreude to feelings of compassion. Well, not on my watch it doesn’t. […]

The Hilary & Kate Row: What Was Actually Said

When the world press went into a froth over Hilary Mantel’s remarks about the ‘Plastic Princess’ Kate Middleton, the worst thing that could have happened, happened. David Caeron decided to weigh in with his two cents’ worth, predictably siding with the royals and getting his facts wrong in the process. It was a biut like […]

Goldtiger – Too Cool For School

I hate Guy Adams. Bloody hate him. Not only is he a good writer, he’s faster than me and – well, now he’s just showing off. He and Jimmy Broxton are bringing a project to Kickstarter that looks really cool. ‘Goldtiger’ is a forgotten comic strip from the sixties that mixes the best of Modesty […]

The Strange Story of the Thief In Soho Square

This is the story of dreams, creativity and thwarted ambition. Once upon a time, back in the swinging sixties, on the north side of London’s Soho Square, there was a bright green townhouse that was the home of some of the city’s most wonderful eccentrics. It was an animation studio run by Richard Williams, whose […]

London Loves An Outsider

First, a confession: This is a reworking of something I spotted on the ever excellent Londonphile site, which you can find here, for which I hope they will forgive me, but I was down at Cross Bones recently and saw the railings for myself. So here goes – they say; ‘Cross Bones Graveyard has long been […]

The Ugly Face of Hollywood

There was a time when I enjoyed Hollywood films – not so often recently, admittedly – and saw every major film that got released. It was possible to grow up steeped in Hollywood culture. Certainly, it thrilled me as a child. Now, though, when I see things like this I’m merely depressed. The poster for […]

From London To Miami – And From Graffiti To Art

There was a time when Banksy murals popped up all over London with monotonous regularity. But now their value is known. A stencil by the guerrilla street artist which appeared just before the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has disappeared from a wall in North London and is being auctioned in Miami for  £450,000. The mural, painted […]

Because It’s A Dark World

Tartarus Press, one of the most inventive and original publishing houses in the UK, has a new anthology out. What’s different about this one is that it’s edited by a 17 year-old, Tim Parker Russell, who is setting out to raise money for an orphanage in India All profits from Dark World, the new collection of […]