A Heartfelt Tribute To Richard Briers


Richard Briers, who at the very least should have been awarded a knighthood for services to knitwear, died last week and the very wonderful Yoko ‘Wife of the more talented John’ Lennon performed her own tribute to his passing. Nice one, Yokes!

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  1. Chris Lancaster says:

    Blimey. Is that real, or is it just Yoko screaming, with the theme from The Good Life dubbed over the top? I think for the first time that I can remember, I can’t find words to describe what I have just seen.

    Oh, and surely it’s Briers, not Briars?

  2. Mark Elliott says:

    “I can’t find words to describe what I have just seen”
    Hi Chris, how about “pretentious poo”? To me it seems no different to the poo she’s been peddling for at least the last 40 years. Just listen to any of her caterwauling contributions to the Mighty Lennon’s albums – Live Peace in Toronto, for example.

  3. Mike Cane says:

    WTF were they applauding?!!? Maybe that their pain was finally over?

  4. admin says:

    Yeah, it’s probably Briers but you know, who cares?

  5. John Howard says:

    “Pretentious” – Good one, “WTF” – Better, “their pain was finally over” – Best. I seem to see faces of utter bewilderment in the crowd or is that my own opinion being transferred..?

    As for Richard. Did anyone watch Top Gear? What a Sat Nav voice for the old ladies. So marvellous that he even gets a little tribute from left field.

    For the dedicated amongst us we have to have Live Peace in Toronto but at least I wasn’t there and can fast forward over the painful bits

    Nice find admin.

  6. John Howard says:

    Nice one Admin

  7. Helen Martin says:

    I loved Richard Briers/Briars laugh, like an old man without teeth, but contagious. I mentally erased whatever that was that Ono was doing, closed my eyes and imagined the programme beginning with a daisy petal falling and the bird flitting off.

  8. Ken Murray says:

    All that primal scream stuff must be doing some good! How old is she now 80?

  9. Dan Terrell says:

    I have only one question: Does anyone around her have their hearing left?

  10. Steve says:


  11. Steve says:

    Lennon, at a Toronto music festival in…I think ’69? Referred to her caterwauling as “The music of the future”. Frighteningly enough, he appears to have been correct. God(/Goddess/Fill_In_The_Blank_Insert_Favorite_Deity_Or_Lack_Thereof_Here)help us all.

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