Monthly Archives: December 2012

Re:View – ‘The Life of Pi’

The Booker prizewinning novel was a theologically muddled curiosity with gory animal deaths that apparently upset its more mainstream readers, judging by the Amazon comments; part magical realist fable, part adventure story, part treatise on the mutability of faith. Books that are hard to film become a kind of holy grail to directors. This was […]

Has The Shard Shafted London?

  An article in The Guardian highlights what a lot of Londoners have been feeling about their city lately – that when good buildings are constructed they’re taken to the residents’ hearts, and when bad ones appear they’re reviled. The Gherkin, which replaced the ugly, bombed-out Baltic Exchange, turned out to be a beautiful addition […]

The Potency Of Cheap Movies

My publisher has asked me to help source movie posters for the cover of ‘Film Freak’, specifically films mentioned in my book , and I’ve realised just how many really third-rate films I’ve seen in my life. Cheap films are just as powerful as expensive ones, of course, and I think many appeal to writers because often […]