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It used to annoy me that I couldn’t watch BBC iPlayer when I was abroad, but frankly, with the improved quality of Youtube, who needs iPlayer? Knowing that thanks to storms, my flight home is likely to be delayed, I’m starting the week with a few laughs. First up, is this too good to be true from ‘Would I Lie To You?’

I’m a fan of Lee Mack, who manages to combine quick-witted erudition with sweary rudeness, always to great effect. Here he is on why the French are so annoying.

3 comments on “Feeling A Bit Funny”

  1. Dan Terrell says:

    Some rather amusing stuff there.
    Trust your flight was not too delayed. Two years ago I spent way too many hours in waiting in MAD for the volcano cloud to drift away on a flight to the MidEast.
    Now, we’ve read your piece on flash mobs and I believe also one on planking, but might there be a future report on the Newcastle “milking” explosion? Although, I think caught in a “cow shower” might be catchier.

  2. J. Folgard says:

    Actually, it would be “la crème aux oeufs” -heh. I didn’t know about Lee Mack, but this is seriously brilliant!

  3. Alan G says:

    Thank you Admin – you’ve solved my Christmas present problem!

    My Dad is a retired vicar – he’ll hate “The Cockney Bible”.

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