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Some days I don’t have much time to blog, and this is one of those. The sky is blue, the parrots outside the window are screaming, the rats below it (they’re repairing the sewer and at night I’ve been watching buggers the size of cats scuttle about) have gone to bed and I’m scribbling notes for a new book before meetings take me around town in BCN (see what I did there? Rule 16 from ‘Why My Friends Are Not Entirely Normal).

So here’s the best shop I’ve found this week – a treasure trove of reconditioned clocks, accordions, rare books, lamps, stoves and a million oddities so crammed together that browsing is a challenge – and I get the feeling that the owner doesn’t want to sell anything, like Peter Cushing in ‘From Beyond The Grave’.

And the worst public sculpture I’ve ever seen, one of several excrescences from my old friends Camden Council, known locally by the poor sods who have to live near it as a ‘ground fart’. I think this actually steals the crown from St Pancras’s appalling ‘The Kiss’, which is almost beloved for being London’s nastiest statue.

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  1. snowy says:

    “Well Smith give me the results”.

    “Yes Sir, we can confirm that the worlds arsehole is located in Camdem Sir, and um”.

    “Well spit it out man!”

    “Sorry Sir, it’s just it’s got the worst case of Farmer Giles I’ve ever seen”.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    How could anyone put that excrescence in a public place? What were they doing when they approved it? What was the “artist” doing besides a con equal to the invisible clothes in the fairy tale?

  3. J F Norris says:

    Wait – you have *parrots* outside your window? Do they live there? Or are they only seasonal vistors? First time I’ve ever heard of birds migrating to London for the winter. Must be a pub loving species.

  4. Helen Martin says:

    Pay attention, JF Norris, he’s in Barcelona. Still, parrots? What kind?

  5. Alan G says:

    Helen – as it happens we do have parrots living wild in London – not many but some. Escapees it seems. I also saw a vulture flying over the East End a few years ago – huge thing – for a moment I thought I’d just stepped out of the Tardis.

  6. Anne Fernie says:

    They are green parakeets and great flocks of them can be seen flying over areas like Kingston early morning. As a then visitor I adored them but I understand they are not so loved by locals trying to grow things……

  7. Helen Martin says:

    How come I didn’t see any when I was wandering in London parks? Perhaps they were looking for apple or pear trees, since it was September. That or grape vines, I suppose.

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