Monthly Archives: November 2012

iTunes: Nothing Here For The Cineaste

Now that the dust is beginning to settle from the electronic revolution that’s changing the way we read and view entertainment, the agenda has become apparent. The plan has long been to get rid of physical objects; DVD sales flatlined because there were too many other ways of getting the same mainstream entertainment. ‘Mainstream’, because […]

Me & The Producers

We form strange relationships with the key films in our lives, and they change as we revisit them. In ‘Paperboy’ I talked about my strange journey with a film from my childhood, ‘It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World’, which took me to Los Angeles, to the Republican candidate attempting to locate its missing footage […]

In Which Admin Plans A Tour Of Graveyards

And so it begins again… Today I’m ready to start the new Bryant & May novel, ‘Bryant & May and the Bleeding Heart’. The outline is locked, and the research beckons. I start by heading to (of course) Bleeding Heart Yard, where I first got the idea for the book. Then I start visiting London’s […]

Twelve Ways To Tell If You’re Creative

Recently a mate who plans Powerpoint presentations for corporations said to me; ‘You know what it’s like, you’re creative as well, aren’t you?’ and I rather meanly thought ‘Yes, but you’re not.’ A lot of jobs seem to dangle the promise of ‘creativity’ as some kind of career sop to counterbalance the boringness of the […]

The End Of The Special Relationship?

I get back to find that London is fifty shades of grey and, if not exactly flooded, certainly heavily puddled, with an effulgent sky fitted tightly across the city like a dustbin lid. There are three new floors on the building opposite me (after four days away) – a reminder that cold wet countries tend […]

How To Build A Bookshop

Bookstores in London seem to be doing a healthy trade these days, but obviously not all are, and in other countries many are struggling to make ends meet. Posted on Hackernews were ideas for saving some US independent bookshops suggested by readers. They included some of the ones below, to which I’ve added further ideas; […]

More Strange Shops

LP Hartley said, ‘The past is another country; they do things differently there.’ No, Spain is another country, and they do things very differently. Having just undermined the ruling party by splitting their Catalonia succession vote across two radically opposed parties who’ll now be forced to form a coalition government, they can get back to […]

Feeling A Bit Funny

It used to annoy me that I couldn’t watch BBC iPlayer when I was abroad, but frankly, with the improved quality of Youtube, who needs iPlayer? Knowing that thanks to storms, my flight home is likely to be delayed, I’m starting the week with a few laughs. First up, is this too good to be […]

Goodbye, Dinah

Dinah Sheridan has died at the age of 92. ‘I’m afraid we shall have to play at being poor for a while,’ says that most English of film stars to Jenny Agutter in ‘The Railway Children’. Her husband has been imprisoned for treason and the family gives up its comfortable existence in London to move […]

Best & Worst

Some days I don’t have much time to blog, and this is one of those. The sky is blue, the parrots outside the window are screaming, the rats below it (they’re repairing the sewer and at night I’ve been watching buggers the size of cats scuttle about) have gone to bed and I’m scribbling notes […]