Phantoms By Firelight


The time: Wednesday 31 Oct, 7-9pm.

The place: Blacks Club, 67 Dean St, London W1.

The event: Phantoms by Firelight. Where better to celebrate Halloween than in the atmospheric old drawing room at Blacks, with its flickering fire and guttering candles? As dusk gathers around the eaves of the old Georgian house in Soho, and the wind rattles the sash windows (this is from the press release and should read; ‘As drunk office workers bellow mating calls at each other’), fortify your spirits with strong liquor and join us for an evening of Phantoms by Firelight.

Chris Schüler and Suzi Feay will read from vintage masters of the macabre Bram Stoker and M. R. James, before handing over to our specially invited guests for a riveting selection of contemporary chillers:

Gareth P Jones, author of Constable and Toop, a grisly and comic tale for younger readers set in London in 1884;

Salley Vickers, author of Miss Garnet’s Angel, Mr Golightly’s Holiday and the short story collection Aphrodite’s Hat.

And Christopher Fowler, author of Roofworld, Spanky, Soho Black and the Bryant and May detective series, also an award-winning short story writer.

This event is free, but please RSVP to:

One comment on “Phantoms By Firelight”

  1. Dan Terrell says:

    I read a classic ghost story once by the hearth fire to my Mother, younger brother, and sisters once. I thought it was a huge success, particularly when I slowly brought out a skull ashtray with a bit of rattlely lead inside, while I read the last few pages.
    Unfortunately, there was a storm outside, the house groaned and my sisters and brother insisted in going to bed with Mother and Father. Father was not so pleased.
    Ah, the loneliness of success.
    (PS – We seem to have survived the huge storm, but it is still raining. New York City though and costal New Jersey are quite bad.)

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