The Curse Of Hallowe’en

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It’s hard not to notice that there are no great horror films or books around this Hallowe’en, and a quick look into the crystal ball that is ImdbPro sinks the heart, for here is the roster of upcoming Hollywood horror movies to delight us in the near future.
Evil Dead
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
Day of the Dead
The Orphanage
The Ring
Beauty and the Beast
Oh, and at least some of ‘Carrie’ will be based on found footage. There’s an original idea! I have a feeling I’ll find the prettified, sexualised image of underage Carrie more disturbing than anything in the film.

This stack of tired old retreads is just the projected horror output from two studios – I lost the will to check the others. Have we really reached a point where everything must be remade, rebooted or anglicised? If anyone has read or seen anything rare and new lately, let me know.

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  1. David Read says:

    Oh dear… the curse of reboots and remakes. I didn’t mind the Dawn of the Dead remake, and I thought it was actually better than Romero’s Land of the Dead. But I do wonder what the point is. The Halloween remake was not my cup of tea, the remake of the Fog was awful, the ‘Prequel’ to the Thing was well meant but pointless, the Freddy and Jason remakes I have to admit to not even seeing… and the Hollywood remakes of films such as The Vanishing, Nightwatch, Let the Right one in etc seem to miss the mark and lessen the impact of some great films.

    Found footage in Carrie… does she get to fly the camcorder around the room? What other ‘in’ thing will get shoehorned into the plot I wonder.

    Recently.. I couldn’t help but enjoy Dick Maas’ Sint.. not quite Amsterdamned but a lot of fun.. and had a real eighties vibe going. I also recently watched the BFI release of the BBC’s ghost stories which are still very good. Very nice version of the Signalman.

    Also on the plus side The Shining is on at the South Bank!

  2. phil says:

    ummmm…Sinister was pretty good at the cinema this week, made me jump…quite creepy. At home, we have been watching Timecrimes (spanish sci-fi horror thingumy), Angelas eyes (Guillermo del toro produced thriller, very good) & a gem of a film ‘Daybreakers’ (vampire film with unusual twist, very gory, well acted & good story!!) Hope that is of help. Phil. (you could also try and seek out the revenant &American Horror story on DVD)

  3. Dan Terrell says:

    BY – that’s big yawn.

  4. Phil says:

    well Dan, rather than be sarcastic, why don’t you suggest some films or TV. DB – that’s douche bag.

  5. Bob Low says:

    The list of upcoming Hollywood Horror films does indeed look pretty ghastly-but there are always pleasant surprises to be had, if you’re vigilant. My wife and I recently rented a film called ‘The Pact’-I couldn’t remember putting it on our Lovefilm list, and neither could my other half, I suspect alcohol may have been involved-anyway, neither of us came to it with particularly high expectations, but it turned out to be a cracking little film, with great atmosphere,decent acting, and a plot that managed to re-arrange some familiar component parts into something quite fresh. It was nicely under-stated as well-very little background music-and also told the story visually, without relying on the ususal cluncky explanations in the dialogue. There’s always interesting stuff out there-you just have to wade through a lot of, well, less interesting stuff to get to it. By the looks of that list, though, we’ll all be doing a lot of wading in the New Year!

  6. John Howard says:

    Oh dear Dan, you do seem to have pi**ed off Phil. Maybe you aren’t allowed to indicate your disinterest. Could be Phil is a fan of Hogans’ Heros. “Enough of these negative waves man”

  7. Dan Terrell says:

    Phil – wasn’t commenting on your post or your recommendations, but on Admin’s list of up-and-comings. “Tired old retreads” he wrote and I was seconding him. The orinigals of the black & whites above are not too much older than I am, so perhaps I’ve seen just too many refilmings and spinoffs to want to do it all again.
    Suggestions? I’d say the original Thing was good and so was the Exorist. And if a night is to be soent at home, how about one of Clive Barker’s Books of Blood or an X-File show.

  8. Lostintown says:

    As a recommendation, the BBC “Ghost stories for Christmas” complete boxset is to be released at the end of this month. Too late for Halloween but great little chillers nonetheless, with a still sense of dread that is uniquely their own.

    Give it 2 years and they’ll be remade starring Will Smith and set in a New Jersey shopping mall.

  9. Dan Terrell says:

    Lostintown last paragraph is Grimm, but it could happen or Johhny Depp (whom I also like).

  10. Alan Morgan says:

    Come along now you can’t knock remakes, after all look what was done with The Wicker Man*. ;0)

    *This time with BEES! Pretty, vital, useful, much-loved BEES! Gaily buzzing fiends of the honey-pot. The bastards.

  11. admin says:

    Hey, don’t knock bees – what about ‘THE DEADLY BEES’ – one of the worst films of all time, with completely unmenacing bees coming in under doors via a deranged beekeeper?

  12. snowy says:

    Frank, Drac Beauty and Dr J. have been cinema staples for over a century, and before that a theatrical commonplace. Poltergeist is probably riding the tails of ‘Paranormal Activity’.

    Lets not forget who is the key ‘Horror’ audience? It’s the same as it ever was, dominated by the 18-24 age group, purchasing their ‘pennyworth of dark’ They won’t have seen the originals, nor would they watch them, thinking them dated. And to be fair to them it’s a bit difficult to maintain suspense, while chuckling at JT’s mullet and ball crushingly tight flares.

    The ‘found footage’ trope will be with us forever, simply because (almost) everybody carries a video camera in their pocket, and the young phone toting audience will think it odd that the victim never thought to use it. And it really has been around as a plot device for decades, though usually requiring some minor minion to bimble off to ‘Snappy-Snaps’ for the 1 hour special.

    The use of Super Jiggle-O-Vision is very irritating, but we are the victim of our own perceptions. If the camera work is just a bit wobbly, we would just blame it on a shoddy cinematographer, so it has to be over-exaggerated to make the point that it’s deliberate.

    Carrie was always about a prepubescent girl, remember the shower scene that sets up the enmity? Handled sensitively it could make a very powerful story for young women, but I suspect it will be another brainless splatter-fest.

    ‘Daybreakers’ is quite a fun film, but I have odd taste, I think ‘Van Helsing’ is funny, and ‘Ultraviolet’ has some good set pieces.

    If I want a decent Horror/Thriller then I tend to favour something from Korea, like ‘Two Sisters’ or ‘R-Point’.

  13. Dan Terrell says:

    A question: Who is the British writer who wrote he novel The Wicker Man? He wrote several good and strange novels, perhaps +- 50 years?

  14. Dan Terrell says:

    Answered my own question. It was David Pinner, the actor, and the book was Ritual which was later made into The Wicker Man. He wrote others, too, great scary countrysides with country people who stare, say little, and give you the creeps.

  15. glasgow1975 says:

    Also a fan of Daybreakers but then I’m a sucker for vamps *boom boom*
    I did notice that my local cinema’s Halloween option is The Shining NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN EUROPE!!
    On further reading it’s just the original (remastered of course) US version that was cut for over here. . .
    American Horror Story is due to return to our screens just in time for Halloween tho so maybe just watch that.

  16. glasgow1975 says:

    Hang on, The Ring??? They’re remaking the remake already???
    I suppose if Superman, Batman, Spiderman & Star Trek can all get a reboot Horror can too *sigh*

  17. John Howard says:

    Admin – You really are a ‘Film Freak’ (Am waiting in anticipation, by the way)

  18. snowy says:

    Having been reminded of ‘Daybreakers’ I dragged out my copy for a re-view. I’d forgotten about ‘that’ scene and the look on Sam Neill’s face.

  19. Alan G says:

    Dan – The Wicker Man screenplay was also novelised (?) by Robin Hardy and Anthony Shaffer. I mention this for information NOT recommendation…

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