Golden Girl

Christopher Fowler
You've got to love Shirley Eaton for turning up to last night's world premiere of the new Bond film 'Skyfall' in an outfit that gracefully echoes her legendary turn as Goldfinger's gold-painted card cheat. Eaton was recently immortalised as the Goldfinger girl in the Barbican exhibition, where her golden facsimile greeted punters arriving in the gallery.
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Dan Terrell (not verified) Wed, 24/10/2012 - 11:31

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That was a great scene of her on the bed. The early Bond's were so good. Fifty years of Bond and she arrives. It seems a natural and it's great she agreed to do appear.
A great deal was made of 50 years of Gone With The Wind, too. Only the excellent old movies that wide numbers people can't forget have golden celebrations, and Eaton was the Golden Girl - just always leave a part of the body (usually the length of the backbone, ja?) ungilded or there's a breathing problem.