Monthly Archives: September 2012

Why You Can’t Find The Bryant & May Graphic Novel Yet

FYI ‘The Casebook of Bryant & May Vol. 1’ is being printed overseas and has to pass back through customs. As a result there’s been a delivery delay, but it will make its appearance in December, just in time to allow you to shave a little of the cost of that present you feel obliged […]

A Bumper Year Coming: Start Building Bookshelves Now

I work on narratives for a couple of years and then everything suddenly comes out together, but this does seem to be shaping up as my bumper year. The Bryant & May books are, it seems, doing okay; they may never reach the giddy sales heights of a Lee Child or an SJ Watson but […]

A Walk Through Barcelona

I thought it would make a change to stroll around Barcelona (taking care to avoid all the Gaudi buildings) as I went on my hunt for a key shop in the old town. What I got was rather less expected. I did find probably the best knife and scissor shop ever. Everywhere you go, ephemeral […]

Neglected Film No. 14 – ‘Squirm’

Jeff Lieberman was an interesting director for all the wrong reasons. His three great B-movie horrors, ‘Blue Sunshine’, ‘Just Before Dawn’ and this are really oddly acted. ‘Blue Sunshine’ has one of the strangest performances on film, with a seemingly hypnotised Zalman King (later of ‘Red Shoes Diaries’ fame – ‘Fifty Shades’ fans, you were […]

Five UK TV Series Some Readers Might Have Missed

My antipathy towards television is well-documented, but it really wasn’t always this bad, honest. And there has always been a groundswell of basic television that simply morphs from one generation to the next. Viz; What Old shows Turned Into Opportunity Knocks – The X Factor Come Dancing – Strictly Come Dancing The Brains Trust – […]

That’s The Way To Do It!

When I wrote ‘Bryant & May and the Memory of Blood’ I underestimated the interest in Punch & Judy that still exists in the UK. Last week, the oldest Punch & Judy master in the UK, Leslie Press, 84, who has been performing the shows for 60 years, returned to his old Primrose Hill home […]

Last Chance To See

Well, the response to news that scientists have been stunned to discover that the Arctic ice will be completely gone in about four years was predictable; they’re getting excited about drilling up the oil and minerals underneath, rushing to Armageddon. Now’s the time to visit the Maldives and Venice if you haven’t been (Venice is […]


I’ll be here for a long weekend trying to arrange Broadband for my flat in a language I can’t yet speak, so it’s hard to say if I’ll post on Saturday or Sunday – but early next week there should be some news on several new books, guest appearances and events.

Sarcasm, Aisle Three

It was actually a brilliant idea for Waitrose to ask consumers to complete their hashtag that began ‘I shop at Waitrose because …’ They must have known they would get an avalanche of sarcasm from British punters who all too clearly recognise the supermarket’s elitist position, and they’ve responded with good humour. Some of the […]

A Locked Room Mystery

My friends over at the ever-excellent Londonist are adept at finding things I didn’t know about right on my doorstep. This time it’s Hinthunt, a pop-up live game service that locks you in a room and defies you to escape within an hour, following clues and puzzles before the countdown is over. Up to five […]