Why You Can’t Find The Bryant & May Graphic Novel Yet

Bryant and May

FYI ‘The Casebook of Bryant & May Vol. 1’ is being printed overseas and has to pass back through customs. As a result there’s been a delivery delay, but it will make its appearance in December, just in time to allow you to shave a little of the cost of that present you feel obliged to buy for the relative you don’t like and switch it to something you might like more – ahem.

5 comments on “Why You Can’t Find The Bryant & May Graphic Novel Yet”

  1. ediFanoB says:

    Thank you very much for information. Of course I would like to buy a copy.

  2. Dan Terrell says:

    That will probably mean that here in the States bundle delivery to retailers won’t be until January, 2013 due to the holidays and Customs here. This could mean I will actually have the book sub-cellar dug out, the framing up, and – with luck – the cement poured, but hardly set and, of course, no lighting, heating/air conditioning, finishing, furnishing, and most importantly NO ADDITIONAL SHELVING IN. And we still haven’t found a nice spiril staircase to get up and down. Plus my good wife wants the “living room” in the actual basement put back rights.

  3. Mike Cane says:

    Will it be available in e? Even as a PDF would be good.

  4. Helen Martin says:

    I’m trying to imagine the number of customs houses that shipment will have to pass through: Point of origin, Britain, indiv. copy to Canada. I hope it doesn’t have any more sets than that. I will wait until Amazon gives us something other than a book on Ireland before I order.

  5. Gav B says:

    Ooh getting excited…will it be available via Amazon? Living in Australia is good until you want decent books!

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