Was Art Restorer Also Rebel?

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Looking at the disastrous restoration on ‘Ecce Homo’ done by the elderly well-intentioned Italian amateur restorer last week, I burst out laughing, having been struck by the likeness of her revised Christ to Tony Hancock’s painting ‘Self Portrait’ (Irene Handl: ‘Self portrait? Who of?’) in the film ‘The Rebel’.

Do you think they’re one and the same?

4 comments on “Was Art Restorer Also Rebel?”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    No. That painting must be hidden away if she was able to get so far along with it. The newspaper (saying it was a 1935 painting) said the paint was flaking due to dampness, a leak perhaps? She has changed the eye focus to looking at the viewer, which changes the point of the picture. Looks as if she gave up when she got to the mouth – either that or someone pulled her away from the wall. I rather like Hancock’s self-portrait and wonder if he did it himself. But just look at those ears!

  2. Ford says:

    Here in Chez Davey; we never fail to be amused by Irene Handl’s response “… Oh! You poor man! …”


  3. Bob Low says:

    Thank you for this-it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time-anything that reminds you of Tony Hancock is automatically A Good Thing. And who could forget- Interviewer-”How do you mix your paints, Mr Hancock?” Hancock-”In a bucket, with a big stick”.

  4. admin says:

    Ifene Handl was the only actress who could split the word ‘poor’ into two syllables; ‘pawer’. I had tea with her once in her Edgware Rd apartment, and she was very smart and funny. She had a small dog called Beulah, I recall.

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