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This month I limited myself to just three London book purchases as there are suddenly a drillion new titles out there. First up is ‘Another London’, a wonderful collection of highly evocative photographs taken between 1930 and 1980, largely featuring ‘outsiders’ – street life, ethnic residents, the elderly, the poor, priced £16.99.

Then there’s ‘London Pride’, a photographic record of London’s 10,000 lion statues, £9.99. Surprisingly this isn’t the only book on London’s lions – I have another from the 1950s. There’s a similar volume on London’s flora, which would be useful given that the city is at its greenest in years.

Finally there’s ‘London Style Guide’ at £16.99. Normally I’m loathe to buy guides on eating and shopping because the internet renders them out of date in seconds, and London’s shops are infamously mercurial. However, this has some genuine finds – even though it’s already out of its time. (For example, the two newest spots in King’s Cross are a new pub, The Parcel Yard, and Kiwi restaurant Caravan is Granary Square.) But it does show that private enterprise is returning more independent shops to high streets, which is encouraging.

I’m calling a halt to my London collecting for a while while my wallet recovers.

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  1. Dan Terrell says:

    What an amazing number of books on London. Is there a viable market for them? Other than yourself. I’d think they would be as overlapping by now as shingles on a roof, although they do sound most interesting. Is there a “Thirty Shades of Grey London” on the Fall publishing list? I see the Pothole Gardner has a book coming out, too. Nice.

  2. Dan Terrell says:

    Just heard this morning that Tony Scott, British-born film director – Top Gun, etc. – leaped off a Los Angeles bridge yesterday noon. He may have had terminal brain cancer. Did you know him, Admin?

  3. agatha hamilton says:

    I do rather wish you could work in a Bedlam theme into one of your Bryant and Mays – apropos which, Invisible Code here, but not read yet, as waiting for low moment when need cheering up. I only discovered when my escort turned up to take me to the ms. department in the Imperial War Museum and said ‘Welcome to Bedlam’, that the IW M was the final manifestation of Bedlam following fires at two previous sites. As I am sure you know, you are heavily escorted going to and from the ms department, and proper order too, to make sure you are not snaffling mss out with you, and this escort was informative. It’s a funny thing, but I have never liked that Museum, and am sure madness resides in those walls, though the ms dept is actually located in the Chapel at the top under the dome – this for the benefit of Dan, who may not know it. It certainly doesn’t have the altogether good feeling of the British Library.
    And as a rider to your London Babylon piece, we had and have the Kenyan athletes training here in Bristol, both, Olympian and Paralympians and I see them running round our Downs, looking wonderful, and feel inexplicable and undeserved sense of pride by proxy to welcome them here.

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