Apartment Buildings That Look Like The Opening Of ‘Suspiria’


This is inside a not-untypical art nouveau apartment building in Eixample, Barcelona. As I walked through I half-expected a nubile girl’s body stuck through with slivers of glass to fall on a rope while Goblin drummed on the soundtrack.

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  1. Helen Martin says:

    Complete with dragonfly decoration over the arch. That is wonderful! Just imagine living there.
    In the new B&M (I’m whispering so Dan doesn’t hear) I’ve met something I haven’t even heard of since my teens in the fifties – Blakeys, although I wouldn’t have capitalised it. There were still enough around that the school had the rule of no blakeys in the building. It really helped with your image if you wanted to have a ‘presence’ shall we say.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Just looked up the Blakeys. Manufactured in Leeds since 1902 and now available on-line! Looking at them I realize that what our fellows had was one of those terrible “imitations”. My husband says they put them on what they called ‘football boots’, although I think they were more like Doc Martins.

  3. Dan Terrell says:

    However, I’ve never been sure about how I liked art nouveau, other than the paintings and graphic arts. Tiffany glass is nice, too. The rest… Perhaps, it’s the buildings and their decoration. It’s as if these last are oppresively “up-theatre-ing” everyone. I want to step outside.
    But I can easily see Humphrey Bogart in that raincoat and hat of his, finishing an importwed Moroccan cigarette, crushing it out, and then taking the openwork elevator up to have a chat with a certain dame.
    Stll suffering empty-post-box syndrome. I’m being to think another B & M fan in one of the postal systems snaffled up my copy of the latest. If so curse the rotter!

  4. Dan Terrell says:

    Helen: Thank you for your consideration. I am now looking up whether or not postal receivers, not postal persons, ever go Postal. Probably not allowed.

  5. Alan Morgan says:

    Mucha is one of the 20C gods. Stick me firmly with the Stuckists.

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