Not Invisible After All

‘Bryant & May and the Invisible Code’ is now visible. I know because some poor sod lugged a massive crate of copies up the five floors to my gaffe. Compo time next week – I have been compiling fiendish clues to confound and bemuse…watch this space!

7 comments on “Not Invisible After All”

  1. Dan Terrell says:

    Dang! You know how to twist the knife, Admin. Can’t expect to see my copy until at least the second week of August.
    5 flights of stairs, now, that’s good for the heart.

  2. Cid says:

    What’s so special about the one second from the bottom, that’s what I want to know.

  3. Vickie says:

    Hey, get those books out of the sun!

    Oh, wait! Sun? Are you still in London?????

  4. Tristan says:

    Do you have any guess as to when The Invisible Code is due in the US?

  5. Fiona Lloyd says:

    I had a look at your blog due to my mate Alan and I just thought I’d mention that you are quite good looking.
    I shall have to find time to drop everything else and read your books.

  6. Frikkie Booysen says:

    This is awesome stuff – why don’t they market and stock your books in south africa?

  7. Vicki C. says:

    Yes, please, when can we in the U.S. expect to get our grubby mitts on The Invisible Code? Thank you very much! 🙂

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