Smells Like Teen Fiction


My mate Rick Drew sends me this, a ‘parfum des livres’ from Karl Lagerfeld that smells of freshly printed books. Naturally, it’s being flogged by Wallpaper, the magazine for anyone who’s thinking of living in an abandoned sawmill or a decommissioned Soviet Smelting Plant.

It reminds me of the scent being touted around a few years back, ‘the very first internet perfume’, called ‘Violence’, a scent based on old photographs of skinheads hitting each other.

The makers said it smelled of ‘sweat, boot polish, Indian food and warm bricks’, although if it was really based on old photos it should surely have smelled of developing fluid. Harvey Nichols announced their own best-selling scent, ‘Molecule’, which according to their advertising smelled vaguely of something, and then of nothing. I guess it makes a change from most scents, which smell of either roses or lemons.

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  1. Dan Terrell says:

    Interestingly lemon is the default scent for the plant world. The scent of roses ranks further down.
    Saw a cartoon this week that has a young woman at a party surrounded by young guys. She says to her left out female friend: “It’s my new scent. It’s called New Car Smell.”

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