Our House In The Middle Of The Mall

Great Britain, London

After the staggeringly awful weather for the Diamond Jubilee’s 1,000 boat river procession (it was exactly like that the day I got married), the sun came out for the concert. Londoners get a bit blasé about processions and tend not to bother – I could have walked down but hated the idea of being stuck on Pall Mall with all those crowds. I did enter the lottery for concert tickets, but being the kind of guy who has never won a raffle in his life, came up short.

Still, I’d like to have seen Suggs & co doing ‘Our House’ on the roof of Buckingham Palace with these brilliant projections. I’ve done a couple of radio shows with Suggs over the years and have always been a fan of the Nutty Boys. A few years back there was an excellent Madness musical that ran in the West End and came out on DVD. Nice to see a bit of Camden in Victoria!

Afterwards, I did at least watch the fireworks from my terrace – I didn’t have much choice; it drowned out the telly. There’ll be no missing the flypast today as the planes usually go directly overhead. My brother, the military nut, complained that as the British airforce has been massively reduced the flypast will probably consist of two traffic helicopters and an Ezyjet.

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  1. glasgow1975 says:

    thought Madness was a bit of an anti-climax tbh, after all the fuss they looked tiny & just 1 song?? The Palace projections were great tho, it did look a bit too much like an upside down french flag 🙂

  2. Dan Terrell says:

    The stuff they do with projections on buildings now is really great. Had one in D.C. a few months back, it was projected 360 onto one of the art museums.

  3. Peter Lee says:

    Glasgow1975 – They actually did two songs (“Our House” and “It Must Be Love”.)

  4. Helen Martin says:

    Loved the projections and the fireworks. Was the whole Mall resounding with singing during that last bit? Bet you could hear it from your terrace. Saw the fly past this morning on our tv although I didn’t get up at 1 am to watch the St. Paul’s service. It seemed the queen was particularly moved by the sound of the Lancaster as it went over and I realized that with her husband in hospital there was no one on that balcony to share the memory of the sound of those engines.

  5. Gretta says:

    I only saw v.brief highlights on the news. Grace Jones’ hula hoop routine and Elton John’s blinding suit both left me speechless, but for very different reasons. Only had a tiny snippet of Madness on. I like Madness, too, and it was good to have some Ska in the (generally dire) line-up. Kylie Minogue as a Pearly, though. Can someone please explain that to me.

  6. glasgow1975 says:

    shows how much attention I was paying Peter *oops*
    Elton sounded rough & shouty, ironic giving his hatred of miming he’d have been better miming :op
    He’d been ill I think tho so. . .
    Grace Jones is 64! Unbelievable really
    Lovely rousing first verse of the national anthem, followed by a low mumbley second verse rofl
    Cliff in his peach pastel suit cavorting with half-dressed-dolly-birds-young-enough-to-be-his-grand-kids was cringe-able. . .

  7. Helen Martin says:

    We got the whole concert on tv last night (time is very confusing on the internet, but just ignore it) and my husband watched the whole thing, to my surprise. The lighting and projections made the event quite fabulous, but mostly for the tv viewer, I think. There was one shot from extremely high up (plane or balloon?) that reduced the whole concert area to a large dot in the centre of a network of orange coloured cords that I found memorable. The pink jacket was also memorable, but chiefly I just enjoyed watching, cheering, and waving my hands in conductor mode. I don’t think you critique concerts like this because they’re always over the top and often appallingly bad. This was fun and the white fireworks that formed a crown over the palace were great.

  8. Steve says:

    I found myself feeling sad about Paul McCartney; age is catching up with his voice. There were some notes he was just unable to hit and it sounded….well, not great. He obviously doesn’t use autotune (software that performs instantaneous pitch correction) so I give him points for braving it “bare”. And at 70 he STILL puts on a helluva show.

  9. jan says:

    Hiya Chris Suggs is a big Londonista and knows lots about the city

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