Between Old & New London


Frederick Wilfred’s crisp black and white images of London street life are to go on display at the Museum of London from 16 June 2012 as part of the London festival of photography. They were taken between 1957 and 1962, in a London that had not quite yet begun to swing…

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  1. Dan Terrell says:

    Would like to see that.
    I stopped in London the first week of January 1963, fantastic. My first time out of the States, first time in a “foreign” city, and all. What a wide-eyed American Cousin must I have been. I bought a map and walked all over and saw much of what I’d been reading about for xx years.
    People were great, loved to ask questions and talk, give advice, be helpful, and although I naturally thought the beer was a bit warmish, it was tasty, and the pubs were a relevation. (Did have to often have to ask: excuse me could you repeat that?)
    And I saw my first mini-skirts – almost walked under a double-decker bus spotting the first brace, and then on to Kabul for nearly six years. Ah, the country of not the mini, but the sight of the totally wrapped female. But then again it was a great and ancient land.)
    Bryant & May in Afghanistan?

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