If You Liked ‘Paperboy’, You May Like ‘Film Freak’…

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When I delivered ‘Paperboy’ to Simon Taylor, my editor, he took it on the chin very bravely – I had just jumped genres yet again to turn out something entirely unexpected – a biography about a would-be writer growing up in a house without books.

Much to my surprise – and everyone else’s – the book became a modest hit. It was serialised in the Daly Mail and won a national award, and was reprinted, although sadly it was never published in America. My editor was foolish enough to ask me if there was a sequel, and I told him I’d already started it.

‘Film Freak’ is entirely separate, and yet very much a development of what went before, as it chronicles what happened when I went into Soho armed with a few terrible scripts and tried to make a name for myself in the arse-end of the film business.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to say that ‘Film Freak’ just got sold to Transworld, and I’m now awaiting a publication date. It will be similar in structure and length to ‘Paperboy’, with footnotes and charts.

10 comments on “If You Liked ‘Paperboy’, You May Like ‘Film Freak’…”

  1. Stephen Groves says:

    Are you aiming at Kristen Stewart?

    Good news about the book.


  2. Rick D says:

    Great news! Looking forward to it! Given it’s a follow up to Paper Boy, shouldn’t the title be “20 Pound Bond”? OUCH — can you get a paper cut from a bad pun??

    But seriously, folks – can’t wait to read it. I worked as an assistant director on features in the late seventies – it was a crazy time to be in the movies!

  3. John says:

    Fowler. Chris Fowler. Is there a story behind that photo?

  4. Porl says:

    Hurrah and Congratulations!

    Been waiting for “What Christopher Did Next” for sometime! 🙂

  5. J. Folgard says:

    Nice! I really enjoyed ‘Paperboy’ so I’m looking forward to this. I didn’t know it had been serialized but I bet it was a good way to read it. Keep us posted, of course -cheers!

  6. Gretta says:

    Excellent news, admin!

  7. Helen Martin says:

    Great news – and I think Rick’s pun was one of the best I’ve heard in a while.

  8. Wayne says:

    Fantastic, I loved Paperboy and look forward to your next instalment.

  9. Very good news, looking forward to reading it (ashamed to say have but still not read Paperboy but I will soon, promise)

  10. Rick D says:

    Thanks, Helen – though praise for a pun is faint praise indeed!

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