What Did Donna Summer Ever Do For Us?

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Despite the deification of dead diva Donna in the press this week, I have to admit she did provide the soundtrack to the seventies, along with Earth, Wind and Fire and Tavares, and she was also in ‘Thank God It’s Friday’, the disco cheesefest that featured Jeff Goldblum as a smarmy lothario and a bloke with his tie knotted around his forehead. Donna sang ‘Last Dance’ in that film, but best of all, it was the first time I can recall that someone messed with the studio logo – a practice that has since become commonplace…

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  1. Alan Morgan says:

    I am fortunate that the seventies were my childhood right up to my teens. So with only chopper bikes and the Doubledeckers to mark the decade otherwise then it can be for me Led Zeppelin right up until The Clash. Disco was what my dad liked after the New Seekers, and only came in cover-version LPs boasting ladies in gold bikinis.

  2. Dan Terrell says:

    Nice taste in music, Alan.

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