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Whenever I return to England everything looks so small compared to other countries – OK, I haven’y flown into Heathrow from Lichenstein but I am always surprised by the low light and the small houses.

There may well be tinier buildings – I’m always surprised by the kiosks and bars that get squeezed in between shops and offices, like the miniature key shop on St Martin’s Lane, but this titchy sandwich bar in Hanson Street is sweet. The narrowest alleyway is Brydges Place off St Martin’s Lane, with one end clocking in at a claustrophobically shoulder-scraping 15 inches wide.

London’s smallest pub is The Rake in Borough Market, brings a new meaning to the term micro-brewery, and is roughly the size of your gran’s kitchen, but it has a great selection of beers.

London’s smallest police station (and indeed the smallest in the world) is this mini-cop shop in the south eastern corner of Trafalgar Square. London has several houses claiming to be the smallest, but the Thin House located in Thurloe Square, Knightsbridge must be the thinnest.

London’s smallest statue features two mice eating a cheese. It’s halfway up a building on the south-eastern corner of Philpot Lane, by Eastcheap junction.

More small additions welcome!

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  1. Dan Terrell says:


  2. Peter A says:


    The “Wee Shop” situated in St John’s Road next to the Post Office (almost opposite the top of Station Road) is claimed to be the smallest shop in Scotland, measures about 40″ at its widest point, the front door, then tapers back to about 18″. It is about 4’ 6″ long.

  3. Madeline says:

    Minis! Wonderful! In Burntwood, my former place of residence, they have the smallest public park in the U.K. It is literally a triangle of grass, fenced in by iron railings and contains a bench and three trees- one each for the virtues faith, hope and charity. It was opened to commemorate the marriage of Princess Alexandra and Edward VII.

  4. Clarissa says:

    That’s a side of London I hadn’t seen before. 🙂 It reminds me of Japan, actually, other than the parts that were bombed out and are very modern (well, I guess that’s similar too).

  5. Gretta says:

    There was that library in an old phonebox. Was that in London?

  6. Helen Martin says:

    Madeline, I imagine the virtues were needed more by the princess than by her spouse. Well, he needed them but wouldn’t have used them.Perhaps if he had come and sat on that bench and just thought a bit. He had other positive sides, though.
    If you enlarge the restaurant picture you’ll see that they are looking to hire help. Does one have to be really thin to work there?
    Edinburgh is selling off its blue police boxes and are expecting Dr. Who fans to line up for them. I know I would. I’m glad I got a picture of a fresh and shining one in Glasgow.

  7. jan says:

    chris i will type a proper reply soon about this i don’t think you r right about the Thurloe street house being the shallowest house in london and the narrowest is now part of tyburn convent i tried to reply on sat but the reply got lost in thesauce when i didn t put my hotmail address down !!!! ugh

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