Monthly Archives: December 2011

4D Cinema

Last night I watched ‘Avatar’ in the jungle, projected onto a bed sheet from a presumably pirated DVD (not as glamorous as this picture, trust me) which added a surreal level of enjoyment to ‘Avatar’. There was no 3D but instead you could be bitten to pieces by mosquitos (something Sam Worthington didn’t have to […]

The World According To Hancock

Some time back I wanted to write a book called ‘Everything I Know I Learned From Tony Hancock’, because the shows written by Galton & Simpson seemed to be filled with truthful (i.e. far from optimistic) lessons about life. Hancock’s life has been picked over until there’s nothing left, but not quite true it turns […]

Film It For Free

To celebrate the publication of my collection ‘Red Gloves’, I’m giving away options to new film-makers. If you’d like to make a short film from one of my stories, simply contact me and I’ll give you a free option to film it. Normally film-makers have to buy a one-year option to a story before they […]

Adventures In Fine Dining

I arrived in Thailand on the birthday of the King, which augers well, although the weather is wet and humid; Bladerunner-ish. Hitting a Thai night market looking for something unusual to eat, it seemed there were no grasshoppers or grubs, so perhaps they’re regarded more as Malaysian or Cambodian delicacies, but I did tackle pig […]

Re:View – ‘Toryboy’

It’s important not to be misled by the title of this terrific documentary, which seems to promise an attack on Conservatives but is in fact an evenly balanced study of voter apathy. John Walsh is a London film-maker and lifelong Labour supporter who became disillusioned with Gordon Brown’s party, and decided, against all his instincts, […]

On The Move Again

I’m heading off for a few days R&R to a small island called Yao Noi, south of Phuket in Thailand. The Thais have better wi-fi in their remote rural areas than Birmingham for flip’s sake, so I should be able to continue blogging. Quite why I am taking a car, a train, two planes, another […]

The Return Of The Blimp

Martin Scorsese has recently been in London promoting his wonderful film ‘Hugo’ (see review on this site) and introducing another restored Powell & Pressburger film, ‘The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp’. Powell & Pressburger’s films are impossible to define – each one is unique and special, and fits no clear demographic. ‘The Red Shoes’ […]

Unsung Heroes

There are several people I should thank a bit more often for keeping the books-N-writing roadshow rolling here at Fowler Towers, so here’s a shout-out to Graham Humphries, here seen with his own Whimshurst Machine. Graham did the covers for ‘Red Gloves’, the upcoming ‘Hell Train’, and helped on many other designs going back to […]

Where The Magic Went

Earlier in this column we were investigating what happened to London’s magic shops, and found that there are at least four, including the wonderful one in Clerkenwell where disgusting magician/comic Jerry Sadowitz can sometimes be found behind the counter. And of course there’s this guy in Camden Market, who has been there for a few […]

You’d Have To Be Nuts

It must be Christmas, there are jingly commercials on TV and a few austere miserable-looking Christmas displays in town, and oh, here’s the Nutcracker again. It seems there are a handful of entertainments that will never, ever go away no matter how hard you pray they will – Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Batman, Ebenezer Scrooge, the […]