Adventures In Fine Dining


I arrived in Thailand on the birthday of the King, which augers well, although the weather is wet and humid; Bladerunner-ish. Hitting a Thai night market looking for something unusual to eat, it seemed there were no grasshoppers or grubs, so perhaps they’re regarded more as Malaysian or Cambodian delicacies, but I did tackle pig snouts and tails, quail eggs fried in chilli and hot vinegar and pots of searing chilli-steamed crab.

Hopefully my next stop should yield some interesting fish, although last week a bunch of Korean tourists died after eating the roe from horseshoe crabs, which can contain Tetradotoxin.

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  1. Ness says:

    Chatuchack weekend market in Bangkok is where you’ll find the fried grasshoppers if you are still hungry.

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