On The Move Again


I’m heading off for a few days R&R to a small island called Yao Noi, south of Phuket in Thailand. The Thais have better wi-fi in their remote rural areas than Birmingham for flip’s sake, so I should be able to continue blogging. Quite why I am taking a car, a train, two planes, another car and a boat to get to the other side of the world for a week’s vacation is a mystery even to me. I must be part Australian.

3 comments on “On The Move Again”

  1. Stephen Groves says:

    Hi Chris,
    Have a good time ,I’m sure you will.
    All best

  2. Sluggo says:

    Enjoy – the Andaman sea around Phuket is so beautiful make sure and take a nice relaxing boat ride around ..

  3. Helen Martin says:

    But check for earthquakes with their attendant tsunamis. Hey, you’ll be more than halfway to the Pacific coast of N. America, right? Why not just carry on over? We’d put you up over Christmas and could show you a pretty good time.

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