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My friend Phil Baker (I highly recommend his excellent biography of Dennis Wheatley, ‘The Devil Is A Gentleman’) has sent me more photos of the old Davenport’s magic shop, now Starbucks. True to magical form it didn’t disappear, but simply magicked itself from opposite the British Museum to another place a few streets over (under Trafalgar Square). It features in ‘Bryant & May Off The Rails’.

I’m suspicious of the dude in the background of the photo on the right, who looks like he time-travelled into the shot from this year.

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  1. Peter A says:

    More more… 😉

    I wonder if you can uncover pics of Alan Alan’s shop –

    There are a couple of other old shops – Harry Stanely’s being one, memory failing me today on name of other.

    Odd thing is they were never really called shops but studios, and with some you had to make an appointment to visit. It was all very secretive!

    These days things are a little different –

  2. jan says:

    no the bloke in the background is Rodney from an early only fools and horses episode……….

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